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Testimonials from Students

“Mia has been super easy to work with. She is very disciplined yet very approachable, super patient and inventive when some concepts are hard to digest. She is also a lovely individual that is great to be around. I always left my lessons with her energized. I recommend her to everyone.”

-Hilal Koyuncu

Working with Mia has reinvigorated my love for singing.


Her wholistic approach of tending to the mind and body has made me feel more comfortable with my approach towards singing than I’ve felt in years. She has opened my eyes to straining tendencies I’ve adopted and is helping me break free of those bad habits. Lessons with Mia are fun, knowledgeable, uplifting, and I look forward to our lessons.”

- Melanie Kim Macri

“I was in dire need of a new voice teacher, having let my technique falter greatly, especially during the pandemic. I was also nervous finding someone I could connect with and in such a vulnerable way.


Enter Mia Gentile, who instantly erased any fears with her warm, caring, generous, personality. Just one lesson got me moving in the right direction again. Six lessons in, and I’m already starting to soar. Mia has created lessons that tend to my specific needs and goals.

She has terrific knowledge of the voice that has both reinforced what I had been taught before and introduced new concepts that have honestly allowed me to discover new places in my voice. And we’ve only just begun.”


-John Raymond Barker

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